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Covid-19 Bulletin: Most Investors Predict 5% to 24% Senior Housing Price Dip
Apr 2020

What will the seniors housing resident of 2030 look like
Mar 2019

Tips For Selling Your Senior Housing Community – Preparing Your Financials
Feb 2017

With the Overhaul of Healthcare Delivery and Payments, What Changes are Needed to Meet New Quality Standards?
July 2016 - Seniors Housing Business

Is your company’s structure aligned with its strategy?
Jan 2016 - Seniors Housing Business

The Future of Capital Partnerships - Tomorrow's business models require careful business planning and capital management today
Aug 2011 - Senior Living Executive

Credit Crunch No Crisis - While other businesses feel the pinch of a nationwide crisis, senior living continues closing deals
Sept 2008 - Assisted Living Executive

Stalking The Deal
Sept 2007 - Assisted Living Executive

Cleaning House - Use a "facility review" to identify and eliminate the under-performers in your portfolio and then create a new model of excellence
Jan/Feb 2006 - Assisted Living Executive

Do You Have Captial Appeal? To add value to your organization and decrease the cost of capital, view it through the eyes of potential capital providers and then make improvements based on that viewpoint
Sept 2001 -Assisted Living Today

Selling Your Assisted Living Facility: Do's and Don'ts
March 2000 - Nursing Homes Long Term Care Management

Creative-Financing: Creating a Seller's Market in Assisted Living
June 1998 - Nursing Homes magazine